Our Story

SPARCO ® is a leading supplier to the Motorsport and Fashion industries with the best in class racing accessories, gear, clothes and shoes. Research, development and innovation characterise our history. In Turin-Italy and the year 1977, two drivers Enrico Glorioso and Antonio Parisi founded SPARCO ® with a primary goal to improve drivers safety through producing high-performance materials and safety equipment.

SPARCO’s high-quality clothing and accessories gained the racing teams trust, this subsequently made the brand renowned worldwide. Since its inception, SPARCO ® never betrayed its mission, therefore grew an extensive customer and fan base. Find more about SPARCO ® Official here

SPARCO ® Fashion

In 2013, SPARCO ® entered the fashion and style market with a major partnership to start SPARCO ® Fashion line. Soon after, this became the exclusive collection of footwear, shoes, clothes and accessories dedicated to the motorsport enthusiasts. In particular, those looking to affirm their everyday racing style. The DNA making our inspiration for quality, safety, technology and design stems from the same ones used to create the popular models made for professional drivers.

SPARCO ® Fashion entered Australia and New Zealand markets in 2021 with a strong representation from 360 Brands Pty. Ltd. as the local distributor to provide our customers with the highest service levels, quality and warranty to maintain the renouned SPARCO ® pledge. We believe in quality and timeless design which keeps us striving for excellence. Above all, our dedicated team is here to help, and we love to do that!

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